Planning an Irish Road-Trip: Part 4

For the penultimate part of this little series, I’ll be picking up right where part 3 left off in Southwest Country Mayo! If you haven’t seen the previous parts of this series, you can find them here 🙂 Moving into County Galway, one of the first places I would like to go is Connemara NationalContinue reading “Planning an Irish Road-Trip: Part 4”

Planning an Irish Road-Trip: Part 3

Since starting this series of blog posts, I have been researching more and more into my own little country and finding places that I have never heard of before that are now on my “to-see” list. My previous post showed the second leg of my (hypothetical) future road-trip, County Donegal. If you haven’t seen theContinue reading “Planning an Irish Road-Trip: Part 3”

Planning an Irish Road-Trip: Part 2

For the next part of my Irish road trip (that I will do some day), I’ll be leaving the North and crossing the border into County Donegal. The first part of this road trip mainly focused on Counties Antrim and Derry, you can read Part 1 of this post here 🙂 Following on from theContinue reading “Planning an Irish Road-Trip: Part 2”

Planning an Irish Road-Trip: Part 1

Despite making several plans in previous years to go on trips bigger and better than before and to go to places further afield, exploring my own little country has always been right up there in my things to do list. During quarantine, I have been thinking about this even more. There are so many placesContinue reading “Planning an Irish Road-Trip: Part 1”

Split: Part 2

A few months back, I made a post about the first half of my holiday to Split in September last year. Today I’m going to write about the second half of the trip which includes a visit to Krka National Park and the the old town of Split. If you haven’t read Part 1 ofContinue reading “Split: Part 2”

Travel Bucket List

Today, I thought I would do a slightly different post than usual. I’ve seen a lot of other posts where people list some of the destinations on their travel bucket list and I thought I would make a similar post! This post contains a list of some of the places I want to travel toContinue reading “Travel Bucket List”

Split: Part 1

In September 2019, before starting university again, my group of friends decided to go on a holiday to Croatia for a few days. As most of us had been working over the summer and had not seen each other, this holiday was a chance for some much needed relaxation and fun. For this blog post,Continue reading “Split: Part 1”

London – Oxford

As a present for my 21st birthday, my friend James took me on a trip to London. After having been there together last year and having so much fun, we couldn’t wait to go again nearly exactly one year later. Given that we only visited for one day last year, we decided to make thisContinue reading “London – Oxford”


In May last year, I went on my first trip to Germany to visit a friend who was there on Erasmus. The trip involved a bit of cross country travel; he lived in Saarbrücken which is in the west of Germany, bordering France, but to make the most of our trip, we wanted to seeContinue reading “Saarbrücken-Berlin”

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